What even is love? 

Hey y’all, I’m new to the blogging world! I guess I’ll just jump right in! 

My best friend from high school turned out to be my first real love, we did the whole 4 years thing and broke up when he went off to school. He was crazy about me… But half the time I could care less about him.

He was a good boy, never did much wrong.. Football star.. Going somewhere with his life. 

I was the party girl, the if we aren’t drinking I’m not having fun girl. He tried so hard to keep up with me and I just pushed him away, farther & farther everyday. 

We broke up (my idea) and he went on to college (continued being a football star) he graduated, he’s a teacher now and I am deeply Inlove with my current boyfriend. 

But why do I often think of him?

Why do I wonder if he thinks of me?

We weren’t just some little high school fling, he was my best friend. And honestly that’s what I miss. We always ruin something good for something great don’t we? Knowing great things don’t last forever. 

Thanks for reading! Let’s hear about your first love! 

Xoxo, thea 


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